Robb Leigh Davis

"...i just can't keep it to myself..."

Robb Leigh Davis. Writer, producer, artist. Jersey in his heart, New York in his soul.

“Someone once described my work, my style, as ‘shining a spotlight on the ironies of life.’ I”ll take that. That sounds right.”

With work both creative and educational, from social/political theater to soulful r&b recordings (Things That I’ve Seen), from the NY Fringe Festival downtown to the Shephard Symposium for Social Justice nationally, Robb Leigh Davis creates art that aims to reflect a mirror back on society. His creative output centers around the intersection of spirituality and sexuality, intergenerational connectivity and cultural inclusivity.

Commissioned by Brooklyn College for two performance pieces, In The Eyes of God and Intolerable, he has performed at the National Network for Education Renewal Conference, was a selected playwright for the Tectonic Theater Project’s LGBT Theater Artists of Color Training Lab in NYC & was a featured performer - in partnership with GLARE (GLBTQ Advocacy in Research & Education) – at the 18th Annual Shepard Symposium on Social Justice in Laramie, Wyoming.

Plays include The Homosexual Agenda, AMERICANBLACKOUT (originated at Dixon Place HOT! Festival), The Glam Factor, and Tonight's Top Story, along with a decade of performing in stage and film (both Off-Broadway and off the back of a truck) and a penchant for directing one-woman shows. He is creator of the performance series Meditation on a Theme (, a storytelling experience reconceiving the meaning of commonly overheard phrases, and producer of youth programming and events with the NYC Department of Education and the 21st Century Grant.

From 2016-2017, he served as Director of Arts & Culture for the historic LGBT Center of NYC, and continues to create space for both the celebration of renowned artists, and to shine a spotlight on emerging voices that need to be heard.